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Shangqiu Zhongqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional organization that integrates R&D, design, development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training and after-sales service. The head office and R&D department are located in Beijing. Mainly engaged in the recycling of waste rubber plastics, oil sludge, oil residue, domestic garbage, electronic waste, medical waste, chemical hazardous waste and related products, and undertake government environmental engineering design, construction, data testing. The company pursues the service concept of “creating value for customers and saving energy for the country”, and relying on the advantages of scientific and technological talents, multi-channel cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts and research institutes to grasp the market development needs and the latest technological developments, in the development and utilization of waste resources. Steady development, the company cultivates and owns a group of high-quality scientific and technological talents, has accumulated many years of professional experience, and employs expert consultants from the Academy of Environmental Sciences and the Environmental Protection College. Promote global environmental protection programs through branches, agents and distributors around the world; continuously improve the safety, health and environmental protection of products and services, always in the "green quality, global sharing" concept, in the world environmental resources industry It has established the status of supreme honor. Looking forward to the future, Zhongqing environmentalists will continue to work hard to improve the world's human settlements environment, and strive to promote Chinese manufacturing to the world and serve the world.

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